Saturday, December 30, 2017

Girlie Things

Does anyone else find themselves curious to what the girl at the grocery store used for foundation? Or what lipstick the girl at work uses all the time? Whether you enjoy the makeup application process or find it a complete and utter pain in the ass.... you typically still want to be in the know on what are everyone's go-to products. As much as I love to lose myself in makeup heaven while visiting Sephora, lately I have been trying to use more drug store products. They are budget friendly and once you find an affordable dupe to a high end product you are set! 

Here are some of my favorite, frequently purchased and loved products.

1. Primer 
Wet N Wild Coverall Face Primer- Partners in Crime- 4.99
I apply this all over to minimize my pores and prep for foundation application. It helps fill in fine line and wrinkles so your foundation doesn't stick to these areas and make them more prominent. This is also a great one for evening out your skin tone if you struggle with dark spots or redness.  

2. Foundation
NYX Total Control Drop Foundation- 14.00
I love the dropper on this bottle! The formula is runny and thin but comparable consistency to Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. Both of which are high coverage foundations that you can build to your liking! This is a matte finish- a must for people like me who have naturally oily skin. It is available in 30 shades to accommodate all skin tones. I wear the shade buff beige with a neutral undertone #10 and apply with a real techniques foundation brush. This price point is worth the try!

3. Concealer 
Wet N Wild Photo Focus Concealer- 3.99
No matter how much rest I get and all the skin care products I try there will always be dark circles under my eyes. This concealer is super cheap and has been tested to avoid forming a white cast in photos. No one wants to go from a bronzed babe to Casper the ghost when someone snaps a picture with their flash on during a GNO. During the summer I go with the light ivory/med beige shade and during the fall/ winter months I use the light ivory shade.
4. Pressed Powder
Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation- 35.00
I started gravitating towards a pressed powder the last couple of years versus a loose powder. These are both great for setting your foundation and concealer for a nice finished matte look. This is more of a pricey product so I switch on and off with Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Powder- 7.99.  I wear Natural Buff 230 in the Maybelline and Medium 57 in Kat Von D. This lock it powder gives such a velvet feel to your face and also has a matte finish.
5. Contour 
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit- 40.00
This kit is perfect and comes in different shades that will work for everyone. It is higher in price but will last me 6 months to a year. There are three highlighting powders and three bronzing powders. Perfect for your jawline, cheekbones, nose, forehead and under your lip! After contouring became a thing I can't live the house otherwise I feel like my face is a big blob. 
Elf Prime and Stay Finishing Powder- 1.99
I set my under eye area with this powder in the shade fair/light. I also place it underneath my cheekbone contour and above my jawline.
6. Highlight/ Blush
Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder- 4.99
This comes in seven shades and all of them are wonderful. I wear the shade Precious Petal but I am excited to try out Golden Flower Crown. My favorite way to use this product is on your cupid's bow and the bridge of your nose. 
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12- Hour Blush- 29.00
I got this for my birthday gift from Sephora and have fallen in love! There are so many pretty shades but I am stuck on the shade Paaarty- no joke there are 3 a's. Sephora is giving this away for free along with a Tarte travel size lip gloss for FREE while supplies last with any purchase! 

7. Eyes
Morphe 350M 35 Color Matte Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette- 23.00
Yeah, you heard that right. Thirty five colors and affordable just doesn't seem like it can be real but it is! They have eye shadow palettes for everyone- matte, glitter, neutrals etc. This one is perfect for me and I can create endless looks with it as all of the colors compliment eachother. 
Elf Intense Ink Eyeliner- 3.00
This eyeliner is perfect for creating a winged look without the worry of getting it all over like most liquid eyeliners due to the felt pen. I wear it in the shade Blackest Black so it really pops on top of my eyeshadow. It dries within 10 seconds and stays on all night!
Rimmel London Scandal Eyes Mascara- 3.99
This mascara is amazing! With it's over sized brush your lashes are bound to be full of length and volume! I do NOT get this in waterproof unless I plan on attempting to get it off all month. 
** I have had a horrible time finding a normal eyeliner pencil that stays on my lower lash line all day. I switch between various drug store pencils and have to reapply throughout the day.**

8. Brows
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade- 18.00
I swear by this product and am so passionate about it! Brows frame your face and are huge on emphasizing your features and tying your makeup look together! I do use the Brow Wiz from time to time but this product lasts forever and is the perfect blended brow. I apply it with the Anastasia Duo Brush #12. I do have blonde hair now but use the soft brown shade as my eyebrows are not entirely blonde. 

9. Lips
NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick- 6.99
These come in 24 shades, aren't sticky, dry quickly and last all day. I love all things neutral but do love to play around with a bold lip as well. For a great everyday look I use the shade Sandstorm in the fall and winter months. 

10. Finishing Spray
Elf Setting Spray- 2.99
A lot of people call this a dupe to many high end setting sprays. It helps lock your makeup in and blend it so it looks more natural. I use this every time I apply makeup even if it is quick 5 min makeup. 

Comment your fav products below! Have a great New Years and stay warm!


Friday, November 17, 2017

These are a few of my favorite things.

Sometimes you have to take a step back from the hustle of life and think about all the little things that you enjoy. For me these are little parts of my day but have a bigger impact on how I feel overall.

Things I enjoy:
-the curls on top of Sir Gatsby's head
-raw sushi
- all the tacos
-salty over sweet
-wine... dry and red
-to do lists
-making our bed every morning... which can be hard on the weekdays since G is still in it 😊
-taking my sweet time getting ready on the weekends
-not wearing a bra around the house... ladies, am i right?
-coffee in large amounts all day
- wearing socks to bed
-Arizona sunsets
-love notes
-discovering a new movie
-recycling clothing
-tan skin
- stationary from target dollar section
- graphic tees
-driving around the block to finish jamming out to your current fav song
- a clean apartment
-movie theater popcorn
- cacti & succulents
-smooth writing pens
- sun shining in the windows
-pretty bathroom floors
-happy hour of any sort
-clearance/ sale finds
- country love songs

Friday, March 31, 2017


It's official. We relocated to Omaha, NE. This may seem backwards to many as Gareth and I LOVED Phoenix but this is where the adventure of life has us for now. We have been back almost two weeks and I have yet to see the sun come out- HELP.

So the big question is- why did you guys move back? So let me fill you in.
1. Gareth got a promotion and could no longer work remotely.- WAY TO GO G!!
2. Family- missing holidays is really hard when you have tight knit families and we were both raised here. Fun fact: We grew up a mere 15 miles apart. 
3. New opportunities- I have actually never lived in Omaha so this is a new area for me in a way.
4. Saving $$- We want to buy a house soon and Nebraska has a lower cost of living!
5. Do I have a job yet- negative. But one will come and I hope sooner than later :)

Cheers to a new city, a new (future) job, a new winter coat-as it is freezing here, and lastly a new journey with the love of my life. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Under Matters.

Recently I was sent a package. The cutest package you could ever ask for. What am I talking about? The Bootay Bag- of course. Bootay Bag sent me two lace cheeky style panties in the mail. Not only are these the cutest panties ever but they are also comfy! I could not get over how satisfying the fit was on both pairs! 
Bootay Bag lets you pick your favorite style- whether that be cheeky, thong, or something else. And you only have to pay 12.00/ month for two amazing panties to be sent right to your door. Pinch me, I'm in heaven. This company is also donating 1.00 to the Melanoma for every time there is a picture with the Bootay Bag on social media! All you have to do is #undermatters.

I think it's time to book a vaca and get outta here. These undies are coming with me!


dallas denae

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Clean Freak Problems.

Is there a self help group for clean freaks? No? GOOD. I love cleaning! This may seem odd but there is something about a crisp & clean house that makes you feel so relaxed. There are stipulations of course. I don't enjoy running the washing machine or scrubbing the dishes after a long day of work, but it has to get done. Weekend cleaning is what I am talking about! Turn up the music, put on your comfy pants and whip that hair into a top knot. 
Last week I was sent a package from a company called Fresh Wave. They carry a variety of odor removing products that are all made with natural ingredients! Does it get better than that? The three products they sent me were:

  • Odor Removing Laundry Booster 
  • Odor Removing Sprat- Travel Size 
  • Odor Removing Candle 
The candle is perfect for removing odors after cooking instead of just covering them up with fruity scents like most candles do. My boyfriend HATES the smell of seafood so I can never make my favorite salmon and tilapia meals. This candle completely removed the smell of fish after cooking and he had no complaints! 

The travel size odor spray has been great for keeping my gym bag and shoes from stinking up my closet. I even tried spraying it on Gatsby's bed. The laundry booster can also be used to clean your gym shoes. I soaked the soles of my Metcons in it and left them on the patio to dry. Easy as that.

Fresh Wave products can be found at some of my favorite places; Target, Walgreens, & Costco!
Now go get your Sunday Funday clean on!


-dallas denae 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Shopping For a Bargain

Hey. Hi. Hello.
Long time no blog post? I know..
But with the New Year my goal is to keep writing and starting my blog. Good luck to that!

So the first thing I always notice with fashion and lifestyle bloggers is their insane amount of stylish clothing and makeup products. They look flawless- always. Well coming straight from the post college/ start a career stage in life... the money isn't quite flowing yet. So I wanted to show you some of my recent style steals. I have ALWAYS been a girl looking for a deal. I was raised on the treasure hunt of Goodwill and thrift stores and as I got older Forever 21 and H&M became my best friend. You don't always have to break the bank to get a cute outfit. 

( I bought these shoes from a Nike Outlet for 50.00) 
They match everything and are a great casual and sporty styling piece to any outfit. I love the Nike Internationalist collection. The leggings were sold out so I linked a similar style. They are sold online and at Nordstrom Rack. I got mine on sale and they were only 10.00! I love the mesh inlays right now.

Both of these Forever 21 finds are extremely cheap when they were purchased I received an additional 10% employee discount on them. I can't complain!

Coat: Sold Out- I purchased this off a consignment website for 10.00!

Shirt: Sold Out- This graphic tee is from Target and they are always changing out their product assortment. They are always 14.99 or 12.99 and so worth it! Their Modern Lux Brand is sold in other stores at a much higher markup! 

Shirt: Sold Out- I got this top from ( This is the company I buy for) It was on sale for 10.00.

Shorts: Brand Name is Paper Crane. I got these for 8.00 at Nordstrom Rack last summer.

I got these sandals on sale with their buy one pair of shoes and get the 2nd pair 1/2 off sale. They ended up being 15.00.

The choker I own is suede but I've been wanting this faux leather one that I linked. Forever 21 is my go to for cheap jewelry because with how clumsy I am it lasts just as long and I don't feel bad when I lose/ break any of it. 

I bought these with a sale going on at buckle and they were only 35.00! These are my "go-to" black skinny jeans that match everything and make every outfit work.

Jacket: Sold Out- I got this jacket on super sale at Target for only 9.99! Target is a great place to browse clearance for a basic/ graphic tee etc. I love the light wash of this jacket!

I linked a similar style. These are also apart of their buy 1 get the 2nd pair half off steal!

This is a similar style. They have crazy daily sales and I snagged this top for 5.99

(Similar style linked)

The best part about all of these pieces are that they can be worn with each other in a variety of ways. I always buy neutral colors so my closet is very versatile and I can create more looks. 


dallas denae

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Don't Trip.

So this past weekend I went on my first vacation with Gareth's Grandma and Aunt. Seeing them is always a good time. However, Gareth convinced me to do something wild. Climb Angel's Landing at Zion National Park in Hurricane, UT. Now going into this situation I had a very confident attitude this would be no problem for me to complete. Angel's Landing is known for narrow walkways, extreme height, and the chain that allows people to make their way to the top. As you take shuttle bus through the park they warn you of the deaths that have taken place on the trail... maybe below the trail is more accurate. Gareth had shown me various pictures and videos of what to expect so I could prepare myself mentally. I was ready to take on this dare devil stunt so we made out way up the mountain.

All of these Instagram and Youtube videos show hikers walking upright, hand on chain, on a narrow walk way.

What they did NOT show me was the slanted cliff covered in sand and 30 people going both ways up and down the chain trying to hold on for dear life. This looked more so like this. If you were to let of the chain and slip it would mean falling to your death. And falling a long way at that.
Right now I am VERY thankful to be sitting in my apartment safe and sound as I have now developed a fear of heights. What makes a near death situation better than some soft serve and learning how to play chess?